Page Spread


How-To… Magazine
This new hip and fun magazine for the young post-graduate has a broad topic reach on how to improve your home, life and career.

  • HEADLINE: (Fill in the Blank) Like A Pro
  • subhead: Follow these few simple steps to become a master.
  • BYLINE: By F. C. Williams

Design a two-spread feature story in this magazine that gives step-by-step instructions on how to master the topic of your choice. You might want to include original illustrations, schematics and sidebars to make it easier to follow. Think of an innovative and fun way to approach your topic. You don’t actually have to write the story, but use real text in display type.


Sample grid tracings


mood board that summarizes your research and shows a visual idea for your chosen theme. Your mood board must include:

  • the actual headline you will use
  • example of three similar publications
  • three examples of inspirational page layouts (any media)
  • a color palette (set of 3-5 colors)
  • three examples of inspirational image treatments – photo/illustrations, framing, placement, style, etc.


Select one of your grid compositions and use it as the basis for an opening two-page spread. Create at least two visually distinct page spreads based on the same grid study.


  • headline, subhead, & byline for your specific theme
  • page numbers and running header or footer of your magazine’s title
  • print both spreads full color & full size – if necessary, print individual pages to fit on letter-size paper in order to include crop marks, then trim pages to finished size and tape together to form spreads

This work should include:

  • final page spread as .jpg and pdf
  • mood board + all drafts and studies – any visual work that you did for this assignment –  as .jpg images
  • be sure to clearly label each image that you upload



pagespread 6




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