David Cuateco

This is me at Florida

  • My preferred name is David Cuateco
  • I live in White Plains
  • I usually get to campus by car. It usually takes me about 6 mins to get to campus from home.
  • I am most fluent in English and Spanish
  • Something I’ve done that I’m proud of is trying to finish college .
  • In my free time I  enjoy doing going to the gym, swimming, drawing and spending time with family.
  • Three of my favorite things are drawing, gym and shopping.
  • One of my favorite visual artists or designers is working with InDesign program.
  • Something I like about college is learning new ideas and improving my skills.
  • Something I don’t like about college is spend money on books
  • Other courses I’m taking this semester are Art History, Math, and Astronomy
  • Are you looking to earn a degree at Westchester Community College? If so, about how close are you to completing it? hopefully this year will be my last semester. Visual Arts degree and transfer at Suny Purchase
  • I chose to enroll in Graphic Design 1 because in high school I worked with Photoshop and other programs.
  • Something I’d like to learn in Graphic Design 1 is leaning InDesign.
  • The final grade I’d like to earn in Graphic Design 1 is A++++
  • I expect to spend about 6 hours per week on homework for Graphic Design 1.
  • Some clubs/organizations that I regularly participate in are (include college clubs + any others) During clubs or organization I spend the day at the swimming pool
  • In five years I would like to be an art teacher or travel the world.




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