Finial project

Concept – Nightmare

My Brother would always have nightmares but he wouldn’t say anything. I created a dream of my brother being by himself in his room. I would also added some melting items. I did some thumbnails sketches to see how it would look like.


First, I removed some items from this picture because it looked small and so I tried the new tools on Photoshop, like clone stamp and patch tool. I removed the toys on top of the bookshelf, removed the rug, the book on the couch, removed the horse, and also the curtain on top of the window on the left side of the wall. And this is how it’s looked on the bottom picture, you can tell the difference between those two pictures.

I really like this picture because it show great Hyper-Realism. I like how the house is all the way in the top.

Second, I took a picture of my brother posing as if he was scared. Then I added my brother to his nightmare room. To make it look 3D I added a shadow.

Then I was playing around with the background image by making it darker.

Then I started to play around with the smudge tool to make the background melt.

Last, I added some of his toys in the background and made them dissolve. I also wanted to add a frame on the top of the wall and also dissolve it.



2 responses to “Finial project

  1. David,
    This piece is really trippy… lol. But, for it’s purpose, it’s a good thing! I completely get the feeling you were going after – I wouldn’t want to step foot in that room. I’m almost curious as to what’s causing the room to melt, or if it is maybe a nightmare. Nice work.

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