Concept 1

I would always travel to Mexico to visit my grandparents and a location where there is no technology. Therefore, I’m seeing myself dreaming of going back in New York City. This is showing how impotent technology really affects our world. In my image would show two different worlds from old age to new age.

Concept 2

Working with children in a day-care from age’s 4-6. I have a chance getting to know them better and when I see them playing they like to imagine themselves being a superhero.  On my image I would have my brother being a superhero and people would see him as a hero.

Concept 3 

I would always wonder what babies are thinking about. So I decided to have a baby picture witch is me and think about my future aventures.  I would be thinking of myself traveling to amazing places.

Concept 4

What if the earth was different with animal’s size? What is if where was small giraffes, largest snakes bigger than a building, and butterflies lager than a human. Then I would change the earth living species into a new world.

Concept 5

MY brother would always have nightmares and therefore, I would always ask him about his dreams but wouldnt tell me. That I would create a dream where he is an his room and there would be melting objects around the room.


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