Finial Project

Concept -Back in Future

To take my photo and putting other pictures to unique.
My concept is about seeing the future, that she leaves her best friend for ever and never comes back.

Concept Images 1


I had no idea where i was passing the images to a perfect cubism. I was getting an idea where my concept was going to be but at the same time it was diffecult to see what i was really doing.

My concept images is about a girl seeing her future that she is leaving her best friend behind.

David Hockney

I like this image because it shows great cubism. it shows different types of pictures placed in different forms.

Then I relazed that it was not completed and there had to be some changes around my images. I changed my images to a hole new level and stared to play around this image. I had a new idea to make my image look more as cubism but it will take me time to understand how to show a cubism.

I had cut and passed from my pictures into bigger or smaller squres. I had to pick the right images for my cubism but it took time to show if they connect.

Finial Project


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