Case Study

Creator : David Cuateco

Project Titles: Hyper Realism / Cubism / collage

Duration of each project : January 2012 / February 2012 / March 2012 / April 2012 / may 2012


Concept – Nightmare

My Brother would always have nightmares but he wouldn’t say anything. I created a dream of my brother being by himself in his room. I would also added some melting items. I did some thumbnails sketches to see how it would look like.


Concept -Back in Future

To take my photo and putting other pictures to unique. My concept is about seeing the future, that she leaves her best friend for ever and never comes back.


Collage- trophy track

My brother does track in his high school. My concept is about my brother making to the finial in track so i am making a trophy. But not any kind of trophy it is also a collage of other images into one. “Collage is a work of formal art, primarily in the visual arts, made from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole.”


 This is my second semester in college and my first digital imaging class. My first assignment was the Hyper-Realism. A Hyper- Realism is an image that is not realistic but it the image feels it belongs there. The Hyper- Realism is one of my favorite project I did for this semester out of the three topics. During my high school I had taken BOES for CommerciL Art and had a little experience in photoshop. I learn how to use the clone stamp and the patch tool. All these tools helped me complete my image. I created a dream of my brother being by himself in his dark room. My broher looks scared in my Hyper assignment.

I also did Cubism and had a little problem in that type of image I had mind. I learn other new tools to help me with the Cubism. I had to opened my mind to the creativity and composition. My Cubism is a kind of an abstract with five different types of color but able to understand the image. I pulled different squared shapes and also added color theme from kuler.

   My last assignment is the Collage and i had a hard time finishing up my concept. I could not find my images that would be a great collage but than i started to think about my brother being in the track team.



salvador dali


David Hockney

I like this image because it shows great cubism. it shows different types of pictures placed in different forms.



I looked up  images for collage and found in amazing collage that i liked. it shows great shpes and how he/she use different types a pattern inside the dog. the color that they use are also great becuase the dog eyes is the focal point.


I would say that i dont have any strategy because I had lean Photoshop in hight school. I did not had any problems with the tools but it was a fun class to take. I would say the only strategy is looking at other artist and how amazing other people have done there art. From learning from other artist is a good stategy to find a way to get ideas. I had too look up other people art work and finding a way how i am going to do my own art work.


The only challenges was about thinking about the pictuse is going to be used. Taking pictuses out side because some people do not have pictuses for there concept. then it would be in how the pictuse are needed to be placed. From the 3 concept the most challenging would be the collage.


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