Comparing two other typeface of the same class

Times of New Roman from Victor Lardent typeface is also a transitional family, its a bit more narrow than most text front its successful for newspapers because they fit more text per line. New Roman in comparison is more modern with serifs that are much straighter. Baskerville is hard to read than Georgia but Baskerville have a nice overall shape forms than Georgia.


Typeface Classification

Baskerville id from the transitional family, as they represent the initial departure from centuries of old style tradition and immediately predate the Modern period. The transitional characteristics are greater contrast between thick and thin, wider, gracefully bracketed serifs with flat base and a large x- height.

The purpose of this typeface

When the typeface was created it was used for private press work.  Right now, with its round features it is typically set wide. Great for text and display in public. This typeface can be used in books, stores, and websites, basically anywhere. There are some examples shown being used today.

Some font examples are being used

Some font examples are being used

(Baskerville in use: The Metropolitan Opera logo by Pentagram, poster by Bradley Hoston, Kate Spade New York logo, Better Homes and Gardens magazine, Canada wordmark, Baskerville ampersand from The Ampersand letterpress poster, Baskerville Type greeting card, American Gangster 2007 film poster, Baskerville on iPhone)


Baskerville’s portrait. He was famous for his colourful clothes, red, green and gold being his preferred hues.

Baskerville’s portrait. He was famous for his colourful clothes, red, green and gold being his preferred hues.

John Baskervilles, an English designer of type and also printer. He stared to work as printer and publisher during the 1750. He began his career as a writing master than moved to stone cutting. Baskerville engraved as an advertisement for his lettering designs for gravestone. Then eventually led to manufacture of type for the printing press. He also produced his very first book.

My typeface


Baskerville-john from 1706 to 1775

The typeface I picked was Baskerville font. What I like about John typeface is between classical typeface and also a high contrast modern face. Baskerville font was design in 1754, he was known to be the master of type founder and printer.  John Baskerville developed his own method of working, resulting in beautifully bright woven paper and darker inks.